Glad you want to know about savor the ride?

Over the years, I have hand- written letters to family and friends about the various mischief and

mayhem in my life. Since then, they have begged for more, bribing mail carriers to run, not stroll with “their” letter. Naturally,when writing a blog became the “thing” to do, I received many, many phone calls to write one.

How did I get here? In a few words: was it the Publix grocery clerk or the AARP insurance chart?

As I zipped my ATM card through the credit machine, the grocery clerk turned, smiled and asked me if I wanted the senior citizen 5% discount. I looked at her like she just asked me if I wanted to swing by and get a colonoscopy on my way home? Senior citizen. What is she, nuts. I was 53 years old (the break is at 65).  I said to her “You really do not think I look 65 years old, do you?” To her credit, she did not say a word.

As I approached my 50th birthday, I was bombarded with literature from AARP- I decided they must use the same lobbyist as Publix. The first thing I noticed health related were the age charts. All ages are broken down in 5 year intervals until the age of 50. When you turn 50, you jump into no man’s land… 50 or 74, one and the same..

So here’s the deal, in the world’s eye- you turn 50 , you’re looked at as if you’re 74! I find this unacceptable. So, because I do not want to spend the next few years lobbying Congress to change age charts, I plan to  funnel my efforts in my storytelling- to provide an opportunity for us all to remember the journey is what matters.

Please share with me the stories you enjoy- the ones when you read them , you laughed out loud. I’m  into this- laughing .


ps you will always see my name written in small caps- no typo- If I had my way, we would do away with capital letters. Oh, and I live in South Carolina with my husband ,LT and Jack Russell Terrier, Sammy: both I couldn’t live without. Forgive for not updating the above… I just couldn’t, I mean geez, if you could stay 53 forever, wouldn’t you? I know, I know, you wouldn’t pick the age 53- but this is how old I was when I wrote this page (My digital scale still reads I am 49– you bet I’m not going to change that baby anytime soon – I lose 11 years every time I hop on!). I digress – which I do all the time- I’m attempting to bring savor the ride back. My tales brought smiles to many- and helped me keep up with my grammar- When is the appropriate time to use an *? I’ll let you know later. So, we’ll see- it’s Easter Sunday- a hard day for me as I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s Jan 15, 2017. I also plan to write about that horrific illness and the damage it brings to all. Hope you jump on board. I will send a link out when I have convinced myself I am in the groove again. Until then. I remain a ghost blogger.