comment, humor, anyone?

In  the last twenty one posts under savor the ride, i have received  one  comment.

The rest of you sat back and let me type mindlessly away. Were you spilling coffee on your keyboard, or even cracking a smile ? I longed to hear of saturated keyboards and other calamaties directly attributed to my craft.

Not to worry, however, a lesson exists . My dear first comment writer will receive a check for $1,000,000.00.

I bet that got your attention. Even cranky, 50 yr. old reblonded, blog writers like to be acknowledged (and I could win the lottery.)

I believe the ‘in’ word right now is’ sweeeeeet.‘  You could even write’ sweat’ in the comment section and I’d smile. I’d cringe a little with  ‘awesome’ but I promise I would be grateful.

The number of comments under a post is a status symbol in the blog world- no lie. If thirty people comment under a post in the morning, you can bet money the  number will double by the end of the  day. People always want to go where things are happenin’.

Pretty soon I will have a sign up for some special offers for my die-hard blog readers. Space will be limited so just giving you heads up now. In the mean time, sign up for an e-mail update whenever I post a new post.  The complete post is sent to your e-mail address.

Here’s to a smoother technical, better copy day tomorrow (i could sure use  it) . ;-)

your Captain-

note to readers: this is the sixth time I ‘ve been on this post trying to fix it. So if you read an earlier version, you are not crazy- it was different- will be very happy when I get the next post up-


  1. Now this could be a post in itself- I obviously hit the publish button above- yet it was not done (maybe you noticed?)

    usually I do finish a sentence. Then, a kind, kind reader (first time, too) wrote me through the contact form to tell me the comment section was disabled!!!!

    She started out talking about the $1,000,000- I knew I was trouble… how did she know that? that post was a DRAFT

    – I am leaving it- JUST LIKE IT IS- going to post some great sites for ya’ll to visit ;-) as I was about to do before I fell off the cliff above ;-)

    bless you J- you WILL get my first $1M

  2. This really is a great story for a whole new post. You see for eight years I managed a Quality Assurance team in an IT department of a major insurance company. Project Management and testing was my life, so when I see a problem I feel I need to tell the site owner.
    I received your email, I see your comment and I will print your IOU. Now one more thing: when you click on “About Ridgely” I am taken to However, it is a fancy 404 page, maybe you can have your tech person review it.
    Nice meeting you and I will return. I am still giggling about this story, we work so hard and then find a technical switch!

  3. There are days I wonder why I bother blogging – sometimes no one leaves a comment on the two blogs that I write. It certainly makes me question what good I’m doing…yet every once in a while someone leaves words of wisdom.
    My words of wisdom to you Ridgely…speak from the heart…someone out there will listen…I did.

  4. I am working on having “my own” tech person on retainer- I could sure use one ;-) …you’re right about the post- no one believes these things really happen to me… now you are a witness! thank you again- you saved the day.

  5. Made my day, too Steve- as you can tell from the comments… yesterday was horror day on savor the ride. thank you for listening.

  6. ridgely, i hope you got my tweets…glad to see the comment glitch has been fixed! judy is great. i was really hoping i’d get that $1 M. ;)

  7. yes- she broke savor the ride’s bank ;-) no, we’re on a IOU basis now. Yes, fixed the comment glitch and the 404 error on the About page. Now reads Ridgely- at least it works on this end- page i thought was there was… in the trash… the other one… set on private- maybe my site is having hot flashes ;-) thanks so much for all the attention!

  8. Well, let’s see, it is 7:00AM here in Tucson, 10:00AM in South Carolina, and I think it is 9:00AM where Jorja is located. Here we are on a virtual “porch” (Jorja’s term). I am happy to see the comments working and now I am able to read about Ridgely. Glad you got that fixed. Nice to meet and getting to know you!
    When I see something not working the way I believe the site owner/business owner intended it to work – and this doesn’t just apply to website, I have always thought the nice thing to do is “tell them.” What do I have to lose. They either already have that information or I have provided something of value to them. My kids always used to say: “I think Mom is going to write a letter!”
    Here is a link that to a post I wrote about a month ago…you might enjoy it!
    Have a good holiday weekend. “See” you soon.

  9. I look forward to reading it-

    I had an audience listening/watching the video from the History Channel about Taps- I’m so proud of your page.

    My Daddy fought in the Korean War- He was in the Navy, too. I miss him so very much-

    our porch is a wonderful place to be-

  10. Hey – I’m new here, but I’m ready for the ride.

  11. J.D.
    glad you arrived here safely- now you can just enjoy- things change around here every day.

  12. Ridgely,
    Today I wrote a post that includes how I came to meet you. I hope you enjoy reading it.

  13. So who won the million dollars? ;)

  14. Judy did, hands down- however she has opted to donate her winnings to send me to “Proofing your work before it is written, just in case you hit the Publish button school.” The follow up course is double checking comments section is not disabled when questioning why readers are not commenting school. This will, no doubt, be the post from hell. glad u find the ride ;)

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