Taking the cross stitchers along for the ride

Most fellow bloggers share on blog spot- as I already have savor the ride set up… I am earnestly trying to merge my writing escapades out of the cobwebs of my brain with the delightful sampler, antique type pieces I have been working on the past year. I read so many posts on cross stitching blogs every day, yet hesitate to comment as I know bloggers want to investigate fellow commenters… for this, I needed a functioning blog, with at least a thread of connection to cross stitch.This week my goal is to share the photos of a couple of finished projects I have done- one a Mother’s Day project by Blackbird Designs, the other the Snowman cutting snowflakes by Brenda Geravis. (I am drawn to her designs most of the time!) Presently I am working on three projects

1. Madam Cottontail

2. April Word Play

3. Harriett Coe

now,, aren’t you excited about seeing the pics ;-) will probably take me until Friday to remember how to upload them.


;-) For my humor followers, not to worry, my world captures life in its finest moment:  just last week I went to the doctor, mentioned to him jokingly I forgot to brush my hair after I woke up… instead of a understanding acquiescence. he paused, reviewed my ‘do’ and agreed.

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