The Power of Diet Coke

IMG_0006For those who know me well I can usually be found with a diet coke in one hand.

You also know I have an easier time spending $100 than spending $1.65. Today as I left Publix I told myself if I could find $1.65 in spare change in my vehicle  I would swing through the drive through at McDonald’s.

I scrounged… and I scrounged… under the seat, deep in my purse, in the glove box (how did that get called that– I never put gloves there, do you?)… my total loot: $1.52. I knew I had dollar bills.  My baby boomer “I want it now” voice screamed louder and louder. One more dive into my Rosy Posy Vera Bradley– OMG a QUARTER!!! I hit the lottery…

I zoomed over to the fork in the arches, missing by a margin some early Egg McMuffin eaters. I proudly announced my order after listening to the prerequisite suggestion of tutti fruitti zambini latte- “No thank you, I’d like (love) a large diet coke. Imagine my chagrin when $2.14 flashes on the monitor as she simultaneously chirps the same… Caught like a shopper with 11 items in the 10 item check out line, I panicked. I briefly considered backing out of the curved fork.

No, I decided, reverse is not one of my strong driving skills. I had to do this. I was trapped- it’s not my fault I told the little voice whining about the prior agreement. I pulled up. I decided to use $1.14 in change and and a $1 bill. I can do this (I get VERY nervous when someone is waiting for me to count out change- it’s like I forget George Washington is my friend- he has my back.)

I confidently thrust my change to window #1 person. Somehow in the delivery of said amount I let go. I tell myself it is because her expression looked as if she just bit down on a lemon. Regardless, now I had change rolling around on the asphalt. Miss Lemon sneered at me through her sliding counter window. What’d to do? I open my door, say “C’mon it can’t be that bad?” to Miss Lemon as and scurried around on the asphalt counting up $1.14.

Climbing up, I saw her countenance had improved considerably. I placed all my loot on the counter. I am now standing up at Window #1 at the Drive Through. She cheerfully tells me I have given her too much money placing an indeterminate amount in my outstretched palm.

By this time folks were lining up for quarter pounders. All that was missing was Roger Redneck in his pick up  slamming on his horn as he waited for my transaction to complete. I stumbled back into my vehicle and edged up.

Oblivious to my journey to that moment, Window #2 lady hands the Diet Coke to me saying the obligatory “Have a Nice Day!”


  1. Lori Estey says:

    Hi Ridgely! As a fellow “Coke” addict (although I do regular) I feel your cravings …. have done the digging for change and dropping it at the window… we need a 12 step?

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