Wearing Scrubs: What do YOU do Exactly?

ScrubsUsed to be you’d only see Marcus Welby, MD in them after surgery. Most of the time doctors wore white lab coats or suits, and nurses wore little nursing uniforms with cute hats. Now, rest assured 95% of the people you encounter in ANY health related field, be it on man or animal, will be sporting a new pair of Scrubs. I don’t have a problem with scrubs. It is just difficult for a lay person to know exactly what said scrub-wearing person does.

Are you my internist or the plastic surgeon? Or, heaven help me, someone incorrectly scanned my armband, and I’m in the line-up for a colonoscopy. Yes, I blame much of this confusion on scrubs.

Looking to the layman’s answer to anything, Wikipedia, offers the following as the definition or explanation of modern scrubs:

Today, any medical uniform consisting of a short-sleeve shirt and pants is known as “scrubs”. Nearly all patient care personnel at hospitals in the United States wear some form of scrubs while on duty, as do some staffers in doctor, dental, and veterinary offices. Support staff such as custodians and unit clerks also wear scrubs in some facilities.

After serious thought, I’ve decided to request Medical and photo ID of personnel requesting access to my body.

I’ll tell them to pretend they are checking in at the doctor’s office.


What Bathing Suit Do You Wear When Watching Cable?

This post hit me after I caught a tweet on bathing suit shopping. Expecting an hysterical piece on the confines of a dressing room paired with today’s mix and max plethora of bathing suit tops and bottoms, I was flabbergasted at what I found: What bathing suit fits your body type?  Forbes magazine actually ran a serious post on this well-worn (sorry) topic! Now, we not only experience this barrage of unwelcome handy tips in our leisure magazines, we must face them with our work clothes on as well?

Hello, Glamour, don’t you have union reps? Isn’t Forbes encroaching on your territory? Now, I might have let this unwanted entry into my business arena slip by if the article had included anything of merit, but c’mon…avoid excess fabric if you are bottom heavy. Yards of polyester wrapped around my hips doesn’t sound like such a bad idea to me? No, I hit escape. I had to find Enough. In total rebellion to all things business-like, I escaped to chuckle with one of my favorite humor writers and her take on the cable company.

In this side-splitting, I know you can relate to essay, Molly Campbell takes us through the steps of resolving a connection problem with her cable company. We can feel her frustration.She tells our story (yes, yours and mine) of interaction with any cable company.

Molly’s post reminds me of a trip to my mother’s a couple years ago: the residents of this quaint Southern, idyllic town threatened to storm the office of a local cable company’s office because of their total lack of interest in customer’s service or questions.

Yes, you knew the answer before you asked didn’t you? This company was the ONLY cable venue. Mommy somehow got an inside track to an customer representative that has actually heard of North Carolina. She keeps this information tucked away in HER Vera Bradley wallet. We both KNOW the cable will go out again.

Now, c’mon wasn’t this more fun than

  • Determining your figure type
  • Garnering all the tips listed to select the “appropriate” bathing suit

I thought so as well.

Besides, it’s August.

**for more fun with Molly, subscribe to her blog “Life with the Campbell’s”: guarantee you’ll life through any season… AND any bathing suit shopping escapade

Fall is right around the corner: tights, skirts, no shorts.

I’m ready, aren’t you?

Smile for the Camera.

I love my IPhone 4.

I take pictures of everything. I’m creative: my photographs reflect this. What is not evident many times is the length to which I go through to bring a single photograph to my readers. Apple has perfected mobile photography. Apple has not perfected moving photos from my phone to savor the ride.

Driving around in circles a few days before the 4th of July in a vain attempt to find my Dr.’s office (ok, so it’s been awhile), I spotted all the signs of the impending holiday: Piggly Wiggly advertising Fried Chicken- a leg and thigh special. I happened across the Pepsi back hauler, the Lays truck, and a local fruit market… all getting ready. What a great idea for a post- a photo panorama of the 4th- NOT. Oh, I got the photos, as evident here- what I didn’t get was them to my laptop for 11 days!! But, as I have mentioned before, I am one determined person. I WAS going to get those pictures on savor the ride. I didn’t care if I had to feature them as a Jingle Bell Christmas Special. So, Merry Christmas- I’ll have a cherry snow cone, what kind do you want?

Not to say I have the ‘taking’ down pat. Yesterday in my effort to take a video of dear Sammy, I recorded when I thought I was on pause,  and yes was pausing when I thought I was recording. I ended up with a great clip of Sammy zooming around the yard… problem- I was holding the camera upside down.

Anyway- I had great plans for this 4th of July photo panorama- what do they say, ‘a day late, and a dollar short.” You do NOT want to know how many hours I worked getting the photos from Point A (my Iphone to Point B my laptop).  Now how ’bout a Pepsi?


Now — guess- what will the next picture be of? I feel like I’m playing a game show… and these photos are sliding in without a bit of trouble today-

Now, what? What’s the 4th of July without potato chips and vine ripened tomatoes? Not much here in South Carolina- kind of like eating fried chicken without deviled eggs.  I hope you enjoyed the show… even if I was 7 days late.