Are you repeating yourself?

Redundancy: are you repeating yourself? I don’t mean because Uncle Harry keeps screaming “What?” cuz he left his hearing aid at home… You unknowingly, or you have, like the rest of us, slipped into the bad habit of using phrases that are redundant.
Take a zip over to smartly I wrote a post on the repeating monster living inside us.

I am NOT Reading This Out Loud

When you've "got it" a sandbar can't stop you.

I do believe I have fallen in a ditch. Yes, I said a ditch. What in the hell am I doing in a ditch, you ask. No doubt, I am scurrying around checking my thesaurus, running an article through a grammar checker, or reading a post out loud.

Did you know when you read, your brain automatically fills in the words you have left out? Or at least this is what “they” tell me. This is the theory behind reading written work out loud to proof it.

The only problem with the heretofore process is, by the time you get finished doing all of this

  1. you cannot stand the post
  2. you would bet money no one else will like the post
  3. the post ends up in the trash can

Think of all the hysterical quips I have written that have been tossed after mindless editing? I now understand the true secret behind David Letterman’s success. If he had to write the piece, edit it, go over it, again and again- he probably wouldn’t do it in the first place, or if it did make it on the show- his delivery would be so bad- people would beg for a commercial, any commercial.

So- my experiment for a bit will be, less editing- more from the hip. I still have it. I had my friends in stitches Saturday night- even with skipped words.

Oh, the other thing I’ve learned during this side step on the sand bar in my fishing boat. Humor writing is a learned skill.

This is good news.

I am a straight A student.